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Asterisk is the newest, most affordable IP technology solution for businesses that are looking to break free from traditional telephone services.  Though typical proprietary voip or traditional phone systems are expensive and difficult to maintain for small, medium, and even large businesses, Asterisk uses open-source technology to provide your company with the same professional options offered by more expensive providers.  Most proprietary phone systems cost tens of thousands of dollars, and these will require replacements and upgrades within two years, when the original system becomes obsolete.  For as little as 20% of the cost of another system, Asterisk brings you all the benefits with none of the hassle.  Unlike other traditional/classic phone systems, Asterisk is all based on TCP/IP technology -- and it's flexible and cost-effective, too! 

What Businesses Can Benefit from Asterisk IP/SIP Open Source?
Almost any business can benefit from the use of Asterisk's open-source pbx technology.  Our affordable options can reduce monthly phone expenses, offer you the flexibility to work from home or create a professional phone network in your office, or even allow you to connect multiple offices with one system and a common set of phone numbers and extensions.
Office-based businesses like accounting firms, attorney's offices, medical practices, insurance agencies, technology companies, and real estate agencies are all terrific candidates for Asterisk IP phone systems.  By facilitating communication between on- and off-site employees, giving your clients one phone number where they can reach administrative assistants and personal representatives alike, and providing your business with a system that is easy-to-use, reliable, and professional, Asterisk is the right choice for your business, large or small.
Retail businesses like clothing stores, grocery stores, toy stores, and others can also benefit from the flexibility and affordability of an Asterisk SIP phone set-up.  Whether you have one store or several, our advanced telephony technology can save you money when compared to traditional VOIP calling plans.
Construction and home repair businesses like contractors, plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, landscapers, and towing companies will also experience the increased flexibility and affordability of Asterisk Telephony.  Many of these businesses require 24/7 customer support for emergencies and other urgent matters, and our advanced phone systems will allow the owner or employees to set up home phones for the purpose of receiving calls during off hours.  Never miss another call -- or a new client -- with Asterisk!
  • SIP Phone Extension Setup and Configuriation
  • Security & Firewall Troubleshooting
  • Inbound & Outbound Routing & Channel DIDs
  • Trunk Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Voicemail Admin and Setup
  • Call Flow Control, Caller Routing, Queue & Group Dialing
  • IVR Programming and Customizations
  • Suitable for Agencies like Collections or Travel
  • Multipresence Setup and Maintenance
  • Blacklisting & CID Routing
  • Troubleshooting NAT setups and Remote Location Phones
  • Audio Problems, Cant Hear Caller, Call Quality Issues
  • Onsite at Your Location Assistance
  • Paging Systems, Intercom Setup, Conference Call help
  • Call center support using asterisk and vicidial
  • Integration with CRM systems, click-to-dial and predictive dialers
  • Sugarcrm support, vtiger integration

Serving the Following Areas with Installation, Support, Setup, and Configuration:

Our Local Region includes Central Jersey, North Jersey, South Jersey New Jersey/NJ, New York City/NYC, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Hudson Region/Westchester, Eastern Pennsylvannia, Philadelphia Metro, Bucks County, and the Connecticut area.

We can also provide setup & service in all 50 States and Canada. If you are outside of our local regional area please select your state below.

Select a State:

What Asterisk Suppprt Services Do We Provide?

IP SIP systems like Asterisk are based on IP Telephony (IPT).  Bringing together voice, video, and email technology, and integrating them into one affordable platform, these systems offer businesses increased productivity and numerous useful options.  Our cost-effective solutions and systems all include business-class features like:  Auto-Attendant, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Voice Mail, Call Conferencing, Caller ID, Unlimited Extensions, Outlook Integration, and much more. Asterisk IP PBX Solutions include all the standard features for small, medium, and large operations, as well as necessities for Call Centers.  We can also help to customize the existing system to meet your specific needs.

Specifically, our Asterisk Consultant Solutions Provider Services offer you:
  • Professional Server and Systems set up from stage one design through configuration and installation. 
  • Assistance choosing and ordering appropriate phones for your business, hard phone and soft phone setup, and configuration in your main office, branch offices, and even in your home or your employees' home offices. 
  • Wary of learning everything you need to know about this new technology?  Sign up for configuration and inexpensive monthly maintenance plans which include 24/7 technical support. 
  • Asterisk set-up and installation in medium to large corporations, in multiple tenant or unit homes, home office, and even family environments.
  • Web-based tools for configuration and database-driven Asterisk applications, and low-cost unlimited long-distance calling.
  • Technology that will bring you an extension anywhere you need to be.  Great for employees who work from home, satellite offices, or on-the-go.  Our engineers are comprehensively trained to set up extensions of your phone service wherever you are!
Whether your business is large or small, whether you have multiple location or just one, whether you are working from home or working out of an office, Our system setups can offer you professional solutions for a fraction of the cost of other voip services.  Give us a call today for a consultation!           
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