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Why should I trust and go for AdvantagePbx Plus IP PBX solutions?
Our Product is engineered to be as reliable as carrier-grade network product. AdvantagePbx Plus has all the features and functions of a very robust IP-PBX system, yet it has better user interfaces and features than most IP-PBXs on the market today. Since all of the data is stored in the network, the data itself is intact; you don’t have to worry about that. More over, with our rich experience we bring you world class technology at an affordable rate

What about after sales service?
Support is always available thru our website at technical support at and our technical person will get back to you as soon as possible.

My company is very small, am I going to get any benefits of using your solution?
Benefit of using our solution depends on the size of the business, the type of service you currently have, and other solutions you are currently considering. You just give us details of your business like size of company, services wanted etc and we’ll help you get the best solution to suit your need in economic way.

Our company is very big and branch offices spread all over USA & Canada?
No matter how big your company is you can link your AdvantagePbx Plus Servers with our Branch Office Support feature and it's incredibly inexpensive, thereby considerable savings on phone bills.

What about security, can anyone hack into my network?
The hosted communications servers are fully secured in the network, thereby ensuring that only authorized end users and network servers can access the system.

What in case of Power failure, low frequency?
In the event of power failure, the impact on service is very limited. In fact, the system is designed to isolate failures from the users, so any calls that are in progress will remain “up” in the event of a failure. Extensive network monitoring ensures that any local failures (for example, phones or LANs) are minimized when they do occur.

What happens to voice quality when used by several people simultaneously?
While evaluating your service, we will determine what the correct bandwidth will be required for your number of employees. Hence the system will be provisioned and installed to ensure voice quality and the number of users and/or data being transmitted won’t have an effect on voice quality.

How far is your system reliable as compared to traditional phone lines?


How does IP PBX system differ from traditional PBX or hosted system?
VoIP uses a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) over the same Internet path that you use to view web pages. The Internet moves your voice packet just like it would move a data packet. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the traditional phone network and, depends on large telecommunication companies.
AdvantagePbx Plus solution’s VoIP goes far beyond traditional PBX, or Key services to offer a variety of IP-based functionality, scalability and geographical coverage for increased business flexibility at an affordable cost.

Do I have to do new wiring for IP phones?
No. All our IP Phones come with built-in Ethernet bridges which allow one Ethernet drop to work for both your PC and your IP Phone.

What if we have a firewall?
We have multiple approaches for delivering IP telephony while keeping firewall intact. The solution operates outside of the firewall and can utilize a Network Address Translation (NAT) device that only allows voice calls to the specific IP addresses through the firewall.

How many extensions can I use?
You can add as many extension as you need unlike traditional PBX system, provided you have enough RAM on your server, e.g. for upto 5 extensions you need at least 256MB RAM. By determining the size and requirements of your organization, future scope of expansion, we can recommend the required RAM for the server to ensure smooth operations.

How about the charges for national and international calling?
By purchasing low cost servers at your branch office you can communicate with your branch office totally free, apart from that our national and international calling rates are surprisingly low compared to traditional PSTN line.

 FAQs for Reseller

Who can become reseller?
Reseller program is open to any individual or organization that have broad customer base or have flair to market telecommunication services.

Do you have targets for sales?
We do not set monthly, quarterly or yearly targets. However, we encourage you to maximize your sales each month and there by generate substantial income by marketing our products.

Do you provide training?
That’s the first thing we do after you sign up with us .Once you've become a Reseller, we will dedicate the time to train you or your staff on the sale and support.

Do I need a demo unit?
Yes! You can have unit at a handsome discount to use as a sales tool. In fact, having a demo unit is a good way to push your sales efforts. By viewing live demonstration of the new product to your customer, he/she will have far more idea on making his decision.

How do I get commission?
We provide handsome commission structure to our resellers by discounting all hardware and software on reseller deals. Commission is paid on monthly basis on 15 th of every month for the previous months commissioned earned.

Do I have to work in specific geographical region?
There is no specifically assigned geographical region. One can market our products beyond boundaries.

Am I responsible for collection of my customers?
Your job gets over once you close the deal or signup with your customer with our contract. You do not have to bother about collection, but immediately shift the focus to other customers on your list.

How much time does it take after I sign up for agent/reseller?
Once your fill out our online form and is approved by us, we’ll ask you to get formal training of our products. After successful training you are all set to market our products

Do you have support for agent/reseller?
Apart from customer support, we also have separate extensive agent/reseller support. To get the support on phone or can mail to us contact our support staff

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