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IP Phones

There are many companies on the market selling quality VoIP devices.  VoIP phones, analog telephone adapters, and gateway devices come in a varied price range to accomodate every budget.  Whether you're looking to experiment with a VoIP phone at home or you've decided to put a VoIP phone on every desk in your office, we can supply you with all the equipment you need to get started.  The following companies are working with us to provide you with affordable VoIP technology.

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Grandstream is a leading manufacturer of inexpensive VoIP terminal products and solutions. Their well-rated BudgeTone line of IP phones are simple to use and cost-effective. They feature superb audio quality and allow users to input custom ringtones in the form of mp3 and .wav files. The GVX-3000 Enterprise IP Phone, with its multitude of features, is a terrific new product for larger businesses. It includes a 5.6" color LCD screen and built-in camera for video conferencing, as well as all the bells and whistles of a traditional office phone. Grandstream's multitude of port IP gateways and telephone adapters rounds out a complete line of most affordable & least expensive VoIP products for home and office

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Cisco's line of IP phone products ranges from the cutting-edge phone that allows users access to stock quotes, business directories, and Web-based content right on the phone's LCD screen to a simpler, model based around user-friendly principles. Each model in Cisco's portfolio features an ergonomic physical design, quality audio, and increased accessibility for the handicapped.


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Polycom offers a full line of IP telephony products, with a focus on teleconferencing solutions. The popular SoundStation IP 4000 model reduces echo and background noise, and allows users to speak up to ten feet away from the microphone. The unique SoundPoint IP Attendent Console provides for the monitoring of up to 24 calls on 12 lines, the ideal solution for a busy receptionist in any field. Single-user devices, adapters, and gateways are also available from Polycom.


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Linksys offers a full range of wireless IP phones in addition to the classic wired models. The cordless Internet telephony devices are designed for use with the popular Skype service, making your friends and colleagues accessible at the touch of a button. Move freely about your space while you chat through the Internet. Linksys wired options include top of the line adapters that will instantly turn your existing home or business telephone into a VoIP enabled device.


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Snom's advanced line of IP telephony products includes a new entry level IP phone that puts an emphasis on security. Snom values your privacy and has worked hard to prevent eavesdropping on all phones, beginning with the Snom 300. The more advanced 320 and 360 models include that same privacy protection alongside an increased number of features, making them ideal in a busy office environment. A large display screen, downloadable ring tones, and multiple program keys are just a few of the many benefits of a Snom IP phone.


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Aastra is a leading provider of open standard IP devices. Aastra IP phone solutions have been designed for their interoperability, ease of use, and the ability to be upgraded as technology advances. They are affordable and come in a price range suitable for every budget. The basic 9112i IP Telephone is perfect for new users and tight budgets, while the advance 480i model is full-featured and flexible without being difficult to learn. Products like the Venture IP System and the 480i CT phone include unique options like cordless technology and complete PBX accessibility without a central switch.

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